Water Source Heat Pump

Can also be used as a ground source heat pump

Geyser Water Source Heat Pump

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Ground Source Heat pump

Eliminate overheads with our water source heat pump


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Water source heat pump/Ground Source Heat Pump

Our highly efficient commercial water/ground source heat pump provides the most efficient way to heat water up to 66°C. These units absorb heat from various water sources and transfer that heat to your domestic hot water or process water.

  • Heats water up to 66°C
  • COP up to 5.0 generating significant savings
  • Heating capacity from 25,000 BTU to 250,000 BTU
  • Cooling capacity from 20,000 BTU to 220,000 BTU
  • Recovery rates up to 15,000 litres/hour
  • Absorbs heat from water sources including process and ground water.
  • Uses environmentally friendly R134a refrigerant
  • Double wall condenser for potable water heating

Extended WarrantyMaintenance and support available

Easy installationWe provide support, contact us

Fast ROI2-5 Year Return on Investment

UK BaseWe are based at Welwyn Garden City

Features of the water source heat pump

In the right environment, the Geyser water source heat pump can make a massive difference.

Make savings

Typical efficiency between 250%-500%.


Reduced carbon emissions.


Use as preheater for higher temperature systems.

Small but suitable

It can be installed with existing cylinders, (including horizontal cylinders).

Safe Operation

The heat exchanger is double walled providing safe operation.


Powder coated for durability.

Variable heat sources

Works with canals, rivers, lakes, process water, boreholes and even sea water.

User Friendly

BACnet compatible logic controller optional.

Low Cost

COP up to 5.0 generating significant savings.


The technology is tried and tested and has proven to be extremely reliable.


The heat pump produces up to 15,000 litres/hour of hot water.