The indoor air source heat pump

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Efficient Water heater

A small air source heat pump

low maintenance, extended warranty, powder coated


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Geyser RO indoor air source heat pump

The Geyser RO is a unique air source heat pump that is designed to be installed indoors where it utilizes excess hot air to provide hot water up to 60°C, providing a renewable alternative to using fossil fuels.

  • Electric Power Source
  • Can be used with existing cylinder
  • Low maintenance
  • Vented heat exchanger
  • Maximum output: 6,275 Btu/hr
  • Sound levels: 58dB (at 3 feet)
  • Maximum temperature output: 60°c
  • Hot water output: 48.3 litres/hour at 15.5°c water intake

Extended WarrantyMaintenance and support available

Easy installationWe provide support, contact us

Fast ROI2-5 Year Return on Investment

UK BaseWe are based at Welwyn Garden City

Air Source Heat Pump Features

In the right environment, the Geyser RO can make a massive difference.

Make savings

Typical energy savings of 50-75%


Reduced carbon emissions.

Flexible installation

Can be installed in the warmest areas of a building away from the hot water cylinder.

Small but suitable

It can be installed with existing cylinders, (including horizontal cylinders). 

Safe Operation

The heat exchanger is double walled providing safe operation.


If the hot water cylinder needs replacing, the heat pump does not have to be replaced. 

Reduces costs

Multiple heat pumps can be installed on the same system if there are multiple sources of heat.

User Friendly

Controls are very simple and user friendly and can easily be used with existing controls.

Low Cost

The heat pump only uses 0.85kW/hour, compared to a typical immersion heater using 3kW.


The technology is tried and tested and has proven to be extremely reliable.


The heat pump produces around 50 litres an hour of hot water and uses a maximum of 850kW/hr.

Added benefits

It provides cooling a dehumidification of the air – reducing mold and mildew.

What the Geyser RO does.
Most buildings have areas where excess heat is constantly being generated from heat sources such as various electrical equipment, people and solar gains to name a few. This energy is typically removed by expensive mechanical cooling and discharged to the atmosphere. However this valuable energy doesn’t have to be thrown away as it can be captured and re-used by the Geyser RO indoor heat pump, reducing both cooling costs as well as the cost of heating water.
How does it work?
The Geyser RO works by pulling heat from the surrounding air and utilizing heat pump technology, that energy is used to heat water.  Even the small amount of electricity used to operate the Geyser RO is converted to heat.  As an added bonus, the air surrounding the Geyser RO is also being dehumidified, making it ideal for humid environments such as kitchens.
Why speak to us?
Our expertise in the industry can really help you achieve more than you probably anticipated. A short call or a message explaining your situation will reveal savings you might not have thought possible.
Why Geyser is the right choice for you and your business
We like to do things differently. At Geyser we believe in improving thermal energy efficiencies by providing a full turn key service from designing a energy recovery system that can be retro fitted to full installation and handover. All of our systems are bespoke built for each client to ensure maximum longevity and ROI.

The Stats

  • Energy savings
  • Hot Water
  • Temp Output
  • Customer Satisfaction

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