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Air Source Heat Pump

These highly efficient commercial air source heat pumps remove excess heat and reduce humidity from the surrounding air and use it to heat water up to 66°C.

  • Heats water up to 66°C
  • Can be used as a preheater for higher temperature systems and boilers
  • Coefficient of performance (COP) up to 5.0
  • Heating capacity from 25,000 BTU to 250,000 BTU
  • Cooling capacity from 20,000 BTU to 220,000 BTU
  • Recovery rates from 45 to 450 gallons/hr
  • Uses environmentally friendly R134a refrigerant
  • BACnet compatible logic controller optional

Extended WarrantyMaintenance and support available

Easy installationWe provide support, contact us

Fast ROI2-5 Year Return on Investment

UK BaseWe are based at Welwyn Garden City

air source heat pump Features

In the right environment, the Geyser Air Source Pump can make a massive difference.

Make savings

Typical efficiency between 250%-500%


Reduced carbon emissions and CO2.

Heats water

Heats water up to 66°C


Use as preheater for higher temperature systems

Safe Operation

The heat exchanger is double walled providing safe operation.


Durable powder coating on all Geyser heat pump products.

Reduces costs

These larger heat pumps can reduce costs extremely effectively.

User Friendly

After installation there is very little to do.

Low Cost

The electricity used to run the heat pump relatively small.


The technology is tried and tested and has proven to be extremely reliable.


Recovery rates up to 1,800 litres per hour

Added benefits

Provides cooling a dehumidification of the air – reducing mold and mildew.

What the Geyser C-Series Air Source Heat Pump does
The Geyser C-series Air Source Heat Pump is a high efficiency air-to-water heat pump that can be tailored to your needs in several ways.  These units range in capacity from 25,000 btu (7.3kW) up to 250,000 btu (73kW), generating up to 1,800 litres of hot water an hour.
What else does it do?
In addition to heating water the Geyser C-series provides cool air that can be used to offset air conditioning costs.  This cooler and dryer air can be re-circulated back into the immediate area or ducted to a desired location, reducing cooling costs even further. Using a specialist heat exchanger the heat pump is able to reduce cooling demands and CO2.
Why speak to us?
Our expertise in the industry can really help you achieve more than you probably anticipated. A short call or a message explaining your situation will reveal savings you might not have thought possible.
Why you choose our Company?
A unique heat exchanger, durable powder coated steel cabinet and high quality components manufactured in the United States means quality and reliability for years and comes with an extended warranty.

The Stats

  • Energy savings
  • Hot Water
  • Temp Output
  • Customer Satisfaction

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